Have I become a better reader since I started this blog?

After one month, we have come to the last task before the book report. These 12 tasks we have been given will help me a lot when I’m going to actually right the book report. When I started this blog, I was afraid I would forget half the book, but as I said, I think the tasks will help me to rememorize the book. I also think that I have become more focused when I’m reading. I have not readied so many books. However, I feel like I have become better to remember what I readied. I think that this blog work will be a remember experience in the future, I don’t have to publish it, but I can write about it.


Our brutality

I will say that the main theme in this book is the brutality and manhood. It’s all about brutal fights and how they just fight for the feeling of fighting. In addition, I think this is an instinct by any man, someone just feels it more than others, and the line form doing it and thinking it is really big. I don’t think every normal man would rip there shirt off and fight, but I think many of us wants to. Therefore, the theme in this book is defiantly the will of fighting.

Third Person perspective

I will say that this is a Third person perspective book because we follow a person that we all know as our narrator. We don’t know he’s name, and as far I have come in this book I don’t think we will know it ether


Book report or Analysis?

This is a hard question that I haven’t decided what to choose yet. Because in an analysis I can get top grade, but I don’t think I will get it anyways sense I’m late on this post, and it will affect my grade. Therefore, I think I will go for the book report.

Chapter 2 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Our narrator is in a church basement support group being hugged by a man named Bob. FYI: Bob has giant man boobs.
  • Even though our narrator doesn’t have cancer, he has insomnia. He says, “I’m lost inside” (2.11). So he comes to support groups, hugs people, and cries.
  • But there’s a problem: the testicular cancer support group, Remaining Men Together, has a new member. A cigarette-smoking woman.
  • That’s right, a woman. In the testicular cancer support group. That takes balls.
  • Our narrator “can’t cry with her watching” (2.30).
  • He tells us about his first visit to support groups, the people he’s met, and how he’s been coming to them for two years now. It’s the only way he can sleep.
  • Now, this woman, Marla, is at all of them. Ruining them. Our narrator can’t sleep anymore, and he fantasizes about telling Marla to get out.

side stuff to chapter 1


This is what I will call an intense setting; I have just come to the part in the book when they are on the top of the building. However, this seems like a book with many different settings, that’s because just in the start I have already seen a lot of intense settings like the triangle drama or the fact that they are on a top of an building with explosive on it. I won’t call this a fantasy novel because it’s noting un natural in it.

As far I have become I have not seen so many time period change, but I’m expecting it. This world is as far as different (in a reality) can imagen that is because I would never get in a possession that my best friend points a gun to my face and explode us up.


Chapter 1

The first think i’ll read in chapter one is; “Tyler gets me.” You will understand what he means with that sentence later in the chapter. almost in the end of the chaptrer he says it’s a triangle drama, it’s between a woman named Marla, Tyler and the person who talks. But he want’s Tyler, not Marla. And marla want him, not Tyler. And Tyler want’s Marla, not Him. So that means that he’s most likly gay or bisexual.


Tyler also holds an gun in “the person who talks” mouth. We don’t know if Tyler will pul the trigger or not, but we know they both will propaly die. They will propaly die because the bomb, he has also planted a bomb in the building for a suicide murder incase he can’t pull the trigger.


While i’m reading the chapter that bomb counts down form eight minnutes. And from every minnute that are counting down he tells us something like the triangle drama. He also talks about how you can make a bomb. Looks like he’s good at it as well

Book report

I chose the book Fight club. I think this is the only main story book, because this is the book they created a movie from. This book is written by Chuck Palahniuk. I selected this book because I have seen the movie, and i want to learn more to the story. I really liked the movie, and want to know more to the story. Sence I know you will get more form the story in the book.